We are a technological innovation company with wide experience working across different sectors such as renewable energies, domotics and building automation, that is, energy optimization and automation of both industrial and living spaces. We integrate services in the most efficient way thanks to our expertise in those sectors.

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Hiponoo has developed various projects in differents areas of technologies. Here are some projects outstanding ralized by the company.

The biggest wind turbines assembly project in Europe with Hiponoo in charge of the project working hand to hand with world leaders in the energetic sector.


Smart Green Home

An Hiponoo proyect that consist on a domotic house provided by solar energy.


KNX & IoT - Versatile & Confort. Completely reformed and automated floor using KNX and IoT dispositives.


KNX EoIP Interconection using KNX/IP Routers with two installations (industrial and water treatment plant) isolated geographically. Interconnection allowed the monitoring and control of the control systems operate automatically, in real time and in consequence more efficiently. This automation has improved so much the values ​​of air quality of the plant and the quality of the drinkable water parameters. The system has an automatic control that checks the communication’s status between the two installations informing if this cuts.


First place winner of the 2016 national award for home automation system KNX Spain.


2016 Finalist KNX worldwide; the top 5. Only Spanish company nominated.


The 2nd National Award 2014 Best installation of energy efficiency.


The company appears in prominently portals like SMA (biggest inverter manufacturer in the world), portals of Home automation, renewable energy magazines. Installation of reference Krannich, among others.


The FV selfconsumption in a Smart House was nominated by FEINE



Awards to energy efficiency facilities



A solar home powered run with automation



A selfconsumption installation of Hipponoo is nominated in Germany for the prestigious award KNX technology.

Fundación desarrollo sostenible


A company of San Felipe Neri is selected in Spain, to participate in the international home automation.

La crónica independiente


Engineering and installation of photovoltaic project selfconsumption.

Energy News


Descubre el ahorro en tus facturas de energía gracias a la domótica y cómo te ayuda a pagar menos la discriminación horaria.



Efficiently integration of our services through innovation and great experience of our team in these sectors.

Home & Building Automation

Domótica & Inmótica

Home Automation is the control of the basic functions of a home and its features and qualities automatically, sometimes remotely. An automated home sometimes is called smart house.


- Humidity sensors
- Enthalpic control


- Development of automatic opening and closing
- CO2CO control


- Illumination
- Regulated illumination
- Automatic lighting On-Off


- Access control
- Alarms
- Installation of infrared barriers in windows


- Audio and video
- Vídeo intercom

Automátización y ahorro

- Smartmetering
- Automated watering
- Electric saving
- Control all from your smartphone

Renewable Energy

We cover all the processes of the renewable energy production plants (economic feasibility study, installation, commissioning and maintenance).


Research and development of new products or processes to improve and expand their operations, improving their user experience.

Intelligent systems

Both of homes/ offices (home automation, immobile…), as well as industrial processes (Management of energy production plants).

Security systems

We carry out the study, installation and maintenance of security equipment and video security.

Industrial electricity

We implement measures of efficiency and energy sustainability in electrical system integrating technological innovations and current regulations.

Energy efficiency

Better lighting consuming less electricity, system efficiency, cost savings and optimal lighting.


Specialists with over 16 years of experience in renewable energy, home automation, building automation, electric installations.

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